Love, Life and Everything in Between


For what is life without love? How does someone live without love? Is everything worth risking for for love? And what is love, really?!As we go through life, we might encounter these questions and a lot more.

I might be in the phase of my life right now that I can say that I am fortunate enough to be love by the man I love. But yes, I did hit several bumps on the road and also experienced some heartaches and spilled buckets of tears for a few guys a long the way. Would I say that I regret it? For some maybe or not entirely. Because I wouldn’t be able to meet and be with the man I have right now if not for those “mistakes”. Mistakes were made and lessons were learned. And yet, I still believed in love.

I am not entirely sure why I created this blog but even before, I enjoy writing my thoughts in a page of a notebook. I missed that. So, I guess this would be somewhat like my diary. 🙂 But what I like most to share are some of my favourite poems about love, life and everything in between.



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